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Instant Medicals
PCO Medical

All licensed London Taxi and Private Hire vehicle drivers need to be medically fit to the standards of Transport for London (TFL).

If you are not affiliated with TFL, please contact your local  authority for more details.

Whether it’s a new PCO license or simply a renewal, a PCO medical (also called a TPH/204) by a GMC registered medical practitioner is compulsory.

Who requires a PCO Licence?

You would require this medical examination if:

Please be aware that you are legally obliged to inform TFL of any changes to your health.

Documents and items, you need to bring


TFL medical form

Download and print herE
Your full medical record

We will not be able to continue your examination without this.

Your driving glasses or contact lenses (including your latest vision prescription)

(if you wear these while you drive)

Photo ID

(Driving license or passport)

Details of your medical conditions
Details of your current medications and doses

(a repeat prescription is preferred)

How do you obtain your Full Medical Record?

This is a document that tells us about your key clinical information, if any.

Ask the receptionist at your local surgery to print off your full medical records. This should be free.

Alternatively - download this full medical request form and take it to your local surgery.


What does the medical examination involve?

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Arrive at the location with your documents including the PCO form.

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Your 10-minute appointment will comprise of: an assessment of your physical health, a blood-pressure check and an eye test.

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Our instant medicals team will answer any queries you may have.

Now for the formal bits…

    • A declaration that you have provided correct information to the doctor and that you are responsible for the contents of the form.

What do I do with the completed report?

Following the medical, you will have to post the completed medical yourself to the following address:

  • TFL London Taxi & Private Hire
  • PO Box 177
  • Sheffield
  • S98 1JY

If you are aware of any changes to your health, you are legally responsible for informing the TFL.